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An individual dose is prescribed to buy cerazette online. A nicotinic acid. Affects the state of blood circulation and dilates blood vessels. The drug helps to reduce the level of dangerous cholesterol in the body. Tablets should be taken 3 times a day with meals. Pentoxifylline. Helps to circulate blood even in the smallest vessels. Regular intake of tablets helps to improve the resistance of the endothelium.

Now you know all the main methods of treating diabetic angiopathy. Each doctor prescribes a set of procedures or medicines, depending on the stage of the disease and the state of health of the patient. Treatment is issued only after a complete examination. Remember, the sooner you start fighting angiopathy, the fewer complications and problems it will bring.

Diabetes mellitus is a pathology that can cause a variety of complications. In the second type of the disease, diabetic angiopathy often develops. The blood vessels of the body are damaged, primarily small ones. Their walls thicken, disrupting permeability and reducing blood flow. In organs supplied with blood through damaged vessels, irreversible damage occurs.

Diabetes is characterized by high levels of glucose in the blood. Excess sugar, penetrating into the vascular walls, disrupts the endothelium and increases their permeability. The concentration of fructose and sorbitol, which attract liquid, increases. The wall of the vessel swells and thickens. This situation contributes to thrombosis, further worsening blood circulation in the vessels. Endothelium with a damaged structure loses the ability to fully regulate their diameter. Virchow's triad is clearly manifested.

Blood vessels narrow, their passage becomes smaller, blood flow slows down - up to buy desogestrel online. The tissues that these vessels supply with blood experience oxygen starvation, atrophy, and swelling. Diabetic angiopathy provokes sclerosis of blood vessels, their blockage, the formation of aneurysms (protrusions). Their fragility, fragility often provokes hemorrhages.

Diabetic angiopathy is classified according to clinical signs and localization. The clinical classification of the famous endocrinologist A. Efimov is usually used. In accordance with it, several types of the disease are distinguished. Angiopathies are classified as late complications of diabetes - they begin to develop 10-15 years after the onset of the pathology. Reasons for the development of angiopathy.

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The main cause of diabetic angiopathy is a violation of metabolic processes, provoked by structural diabetic changes in blood vessels. affect the course of desogestrel pills. There are certain risk factors that provoke the development of diabetic angiopathy. They are referred to.

Experts note the presence of a hereditary predisposition to diabetic angiopathy. For its timely diagnosis, it is necessary to undergo regular medical examinations. Signs of diabetic angiopathy appear as the pathology develops and are divided according to the degree of its severity and localization. For a long time the disease is asymptomatic. Only general manifestations of diabetes are noticeable.

Signs of retinopathy usually occur three years after the diagnosis of the disease. Nephropathy often occurs with a long course of cerazette for sale, complicated by a severe course or inadequate therapy. Diabetic angiopathy is diagnosed during a comprehensive examination, which includes: In addition, expert advice is required.